The Spike in Adult Web Cams Traffic During Lockdown

With most of the people now under lockdown to effectively control the spread of COVID-19 or Corona Virus Disease-19, adult camera sites that allow users to interact and watch with adult exotic artists in real-time, say they have seen a dramatic spike in viewership. According to adult cam companies, estimates have seen at least a 30% increase in their traffic.

The growth has accelerated since lockdowns all over the world have expanded in intensity and scale. People can tell the significant difference between stay-at-home and social distancing orders based on traffic patterns, with the former leading to an increase in users. Everyone can also see the level of compliance with these types of measures.

Most of these cam-viewing website operators, as well as performers, say that there is more to this increase in traffic than simple horniness and increased libido. They also suspect that the longer people stay quarantined, the higher the websites’ traffic will continue to grow.

But it may not mean a windfall for the site performers. According to most adult performers, it is pretty easy to see that the increase in traffic has been just another byproduct of boredom, or users pleasuring themselves out of boredom.

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The increase in traffic

Traditional porn websites such as Pornhub or Brazzers have reported a dramatic increase in their subscribers in recent weeks, especially in places that are under strict quarantine lockdown. It is also pretty easy to disregard some of the new users as artificially induced traffic.

Porn sites that show conventional pornography have been offering discounted premium or temporary free memberships to communities affected by the pandemic. A lot of cam websites already allow people to watch their performers for free, usually in public chatrooms with hundreds, if not thousands of viewers.

Most cam sites have been giving free tokens, tip their performers to get them to perform certain acts, or pay them to do private chats for new users or people creating accounts while under quarantine lockdown. But these companies argue that a lot of people starved for the needed human attention or alone during the quarantine. There lies the real appeal of cam websites for a lot of users and viewers. It is pretty nice to be able to talk with someone.

Even if the person is not alone, it can be nice to talk or chat with someone different. The search for connections, especially the type of one-sided or uncomplicated intimacy that cam websites usually provide, may explain why a lot of these platforms have seen traffic dramatically increase as fast as their flagship sites.

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The Spike in Adult Web Cams Traffic During Lockdown

How do these sites work?

These sites are usually conceptualized as interactive, live pornography that is offering reactive and bespoke experiences. But enthusiasts, researchers, and connoisseurs have noted that, while it is still considered adult entertainment, this platform is different from actual pornography because it emphasizes building good relationships between performers and viewers.

Sure, some media primarily focus on live sex and nudity, and some think that most of their users just want to get off. Most companies believed that part of the secret in building a lucrative and loyal following is to create a sense of sexual connection with the viewer.

Even users who visit the platform for a quick porno fix usually find themselves drawn into the website’s more personal and emotional aspects. That is why a lot of performers spend a lot of time chatting with clothes on with their viewers as they do with clothes off and performing sexual acts, and it is also a reason why most high-earning cammers only do non-nude shows.

And it is also the reason why most cammers who try it fails. Some webcam models get naked and just act sexy. They ignore the fact that it needs communicative and emotional skills and labor to be a successful personality in this industry. Experts point out that these platforms are not set up to monitor how users and viewers interact with the performer, how much time the viewers spend in the room, as well as how many tokens they are paying to satisfy their needs.

That is why it is pretty hard to know for sure whether users visit these sites during quarantine lockdown are visiting because of isolation and looking for a relationship, or whether they are just doing it to experiment with new websites or erotic fixes, surfing the Internet aimlessly, like most people do when they are bored or trapped at home during the lockdown.