How to relax and enjoy sex more in bed

There is more to having sex than just expelling energy. Sex can be rewarding if you understand all there is to it. However, there are several things you need to understand before you can begin to enjoy or explore sex the right way. Good sex doesn’t have to mean changing partners; it might be as simple as learning and unlearning some things. Most times, you think you know the right way, when all in all, you’ve been doing it wrongly. There are several facts that you can learn about sex from consuming HD porn videos. One of those things is how to relax and enjoy good sex after a stressful day at work.

So, are you looking for means to become better at sex, or do you want to satisfy your partner better in bed? You need to understand some of these essential steps when considering enjoyable sex. As simple as the word sex might be, it might become rocket science when practicing what you’ve read or watched over time. Nonetheless, if you can incorporate some of these factors, your sex life should take a new turn in no time. 

  • Take work off your mind:

Know when to draw the curtain between work and relaxation. It’s not advisable that you bring work stress home. So, if you have leftover work at the office, ensure they remain at the office the moment you leave the office. Don’t be too stressed before the sex. Once you have a lot on your plate while having sex, or you are having sex and at the same time trying to figure out some office work, you might not enjoy the sex one bit. So, ensure you always take your mind off anything that might distract you from enjoying sex at that very moment. 

  • Watch HD porn videos before sex:

You can also engage in mutual porn consumption with your partner if you have one. Watching porn before sex is one of the most effective means of enjoying sex. It will prepare you and your partner and put you in the right mood. It could be the best form of relaxation you can get regarding sex and porn. So, before you go to bed with your partner, be sure to watch at least three HD porn clips of any genre of your choice. If your partner is interested, it’s even better. It makes the sex better and merrier. Porn itself is relaxing; now, adding porn to sex is the best way to enjoy your relaxation time, especially with your partner. 

  • Stay positive:

That your partner flopped in bed some few days ago doesn’t mean they would repeat it today. You should stay positive anytime you consider having sex as a means of relaxation. Remember that the relaxation is first-person, even before the inclusion of sex. While you take your mind off work or any form of situation, it’s also essential that you remain optimistic that the outcome this time will be worth the while. When you have sex, and you don’t enjoy it, or you don’t feel relaxed, it’s because you have lots of things on your mind, and you are not as focused as you ought to be. So, basically, it is more of a “your thing” than a “them thing”.